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Help me Celebrate my Birthday by Changing a Teen's life

This year, I'm asking my family and friends to help celebrate my 41st birthday by donating to the Cyber Business Camp Scholarship Fund. This fund helps to provide scholarships to students who are interested in learning skills in cyber security and entrepreneurship. Last year, we gave out 7 scholarships, but this year we want to double that number.

Receive a signed copy of my book with any donation of $30 or more 



We know everybody learns in a different way - so we provide a number of ways to help

Online classroom platform

Our live virtual courses allow students the opportunity learn from our instructors in a classroom setting where they receive hands on training in real life scenarios using state of the art methods and tools. Each Class is recorded and will be available to the student throughout the duration of the camp. 


Comprehensive Workbooks

Each student will receive workbooks to help them to retain the information. The work books will include templates, formulas, and industry standard terminology. Each day, the workbooks will provide content to reinforce the information that has been provided.


Private Discord Community

Our private Discord Community (AKA Digital Dorm Room) gives the students the chance to interact with each other in a safe, informal environment where they can socialize, grow and build with each other. The digital dorm rooms include current students, alumni, and instructors. It's a great place to receive help and support. 


Cash Prizes & Investments

Since we are teaching them real life skills, we want the to get a real life experience. We will be giving cash prizes to our high achievers and possibly investing in some worthy businesses.




  • Donating to the Cyber Business Camp Scholarship Fund is a great way to help students realize their potential and learn the skills they need to succeed. Your donation will help provide students with the resources and support they need to become successful in their fields.


  • When you donate, you are showing that you care about making a positive difference in someone else's life; that you believe in giving people a chance and that you value hard work and dedication. Your donation is a tangible way of showing your support for those who seek more out of life than what may be available without assistance.


  • Last year, we were able to provide seven scholarships through this fund, but this year we want to double our impact! With your contribution, we can make a greater difference in the lives of those who need it most.


  • By investing in these scholarships, you are not only making an immediate impact on the lives of those individuals awarded with them, but also investing in our society's future as well - ensuring that our communities continue growing and developing not just now but long into the future as well!

Cybersecurity & Entrepreneurship - The FUTURE 

The World Has Changed!

As everyone knows, over the past decade, the career landscape has drastically shifted. While the traditional careers do still exist, many of them are being replaced by technology, more efficient processes, & jobs moving overseas due to outsourcing. 

With that, there has been growth in two sectors in particular:

Entrepreneurship & Cybersecurity  

Both have been growing at a rapid pace. Think of companies that didn't exist just 10-15 years ago? There are whole professions that just two decades ago, most of the world had never heard of. The market has changed dramatically.

Unfortunately, our education system hasn't moved quite as fast. Educators are often saddled with teaching outdated curriculum to a demographic that is exponentially more advanced in technology than their classroom instructors. It's time to change that.

Ethical Hacking

$50,000 to $100,000 per year in the first years of work in ethical hacking


Every 18 seconds someone makes their first online sale.

Cyber Security

There is 0% unemployment rate in the area of Cybersecurity. There are more jobs than there are people to fulfill those jobs

New Businesses

A record 5.4million new businesses were formed in 2021

How do our courses work?

Courses will meet Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each scheduled week for 4 hours. That's 36 hours of intense, interaction & FUN classroom instruction per course! During the entire course, students will have access to recordings of each session within 24 hours of class completion. We do understand that this is a summer course. So we have made EVERY course enjoyable for the demographic! 

  • Learn From the Best

  • Our educators are industry experts with real experience. Our hope is to provide a quality education based on the real world. Our educators are equipped with the resources to provide insider knowledge of the industry on top of imparting conceptual understanding

  • Collaborative Learning

  • It takes a village… you won’t be alone in this course. Our educators will be there for you every step of the way, and you’ll be expected to work collaboratively with the rest of your class to cultivate a rich and engaging environment for learning.

  • Interdisciplinary Approach

  • Our strive is to give you the knowledge and tools to be successful in our course, and after our course. Our approach is to use business and entrepreneurship as a medium to teach you valuable life skills such as critical thinking, failure methodology, and personal finance.

  • Space for Everyone

  • Our pedagogical approach ensures that everyone in our course has the opportunity to participate. You will be learning with your cohort, not apart from them.

    I'm Your Guide to Ethical Hacking & Entrepreneurship

    Founder of Prototype Consulting Group LLC &

    Learn From a Hacker

    I have more than 30,000 hours of Cyber Assurance & Consulting Experience. I've spent more than 10,000 hours studying and developing the techniques to help YOUR student learn in one summer.

    Me along with other experts in the fields of cyber security and entrepreneurship will be your expert guides this summer

  • Learn How To Build Your Own Ethical Hacking Lab

  • Discover how to turn your current experience into a career in Ethical Hacking

  • Learn State-Of-The-Art Ethical Hacking Techniques that are marketable on TODAY'S market

  • Learn the basics of achieving an entrepreneurs mindset

  • Understand how to quickly and thoroughly identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats of any business

  • You Don't Have To Take My Word For It

    Most cybersecurity classes are really convoluted and cost thousands of dollars, but Mr. Gray makes things easy to understand and easy to get into. 

    L. Goss - Student

    My favorite class is the ethical hacking series. The classes are hands-on, on demand, and help is available from Carl as well as his staff. His knowledge, experience and ability to translate technical jargon into understandable language made it easy to absorb

    G. Taylor - Fashion Designer

    I learned industry standard software like Metasploit and I feel like I can do any thing with it!

    R. Buie - Student

    Start the Journey Today


  • Middle and High School Students.

  • Students with an interest in cyber security who want to get a jumpstart on their career and education

  • Students who have a desire to be entrepreneurs. Not just in the future but NOW!!!

  • Students who have curious minds and NEED to be challenged and stimulated

  • Receive a FREE signed copy of my book with any donation of $30 or more

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What If my student doesn’t have any experience?

    These are "start from scratch" courses that will take students with little knowledge of technology and walk them through the necessary steps to be successful in their desired field. 

    The courses are also advanced enough to challenge students with 

    How do you quantify results?

    For each course there is a written exam as well as a practical demonstration:

    Young Ethical Hacker Camp: Each student will be required to use the skills they learned to successfully "hack" a specified lab and provide proof of success. The first student to successfully complete the final will receive a cash bounty!

    Young Entrepreneur Camp: Each Student will have the opportunity to present their business plan and idea to their fellow students as well as successful entrepreneurs. The winning plan will also receive a scholarship prize.

    What is the class schedule? 

    Classes will meet from 11am-3pm EST Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. Office hours are Monday & Friday from 12-2pm EST

    Classes are 100% online. You can take them from anywhere!

    What happens after training ends?

    Students will continue to have access to the Discord Group where they can interact with their fellow students and our instructors/team. 

    Some students will be selected for PAID INTERNSHIPS with our companies

    Can I purchase the classes separately?

    Yes, each class may be purchased separately. 

    What ages is this training for? 

    We recommend ages 12+ for these courses. Students must be able to work independently as well as in groups and be able to comprehend simple concepts.  

    Don't worry adults, we have one coming for you soon!

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